Tales of the Cities #1: South Korea

Art Residency, Exhibition
New Media Art, QR Code



Tales of the Cities is a website based audiovisual chronicle project. The process is to record stories also memories about geographical site-specific on one location. This project collect local stories, a very personal relation among person in society. Using about 1-10 minutes recording by video. It’s kind a new experience in stroy listen and telling from video, as a part of visual history in society aside from television.

This time, I made a visual diary about a city through videos from my point of view. It’s not specifically a story about Ansan City, it can be anywhere, but most of all it’s a small stories about South Korea in Ansan. All the videos represented and collected in one specific website (www.talesoftehecities.andangkelana.com, but unfortunately it’s on some kind of error now). The story of each videos converted to QR Codes and would stick as a stickers, then it can be accessed directly by using a mobile phones. The QR Codes refers to the URL address of each story.

Audiences can watch those stories by standing in right location, and get involved the physical experiences interactively. In short, i place the sticker on the streets and exhibited it on the exhibition venue. the intimacy involvement of a place maybe can give some new visual history in contemporary society conditions. The tales of hidden identity of cities not only stay silently in city dweller memories. This project in South Korea is a pilot project, it coontinued from my project of Cipher Videos and Forum Lenteng akumassa’s idea. Tales of the Cities will continue to grow orgsnically, depend on my mood exactly or even continue to grow with other stories.

July September 2012